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"Nothing happens without

personal transformation."

–  Dr. W. Edwards Deming


Center for Executive Leadership

The Center for Executive Leadership is dedicated to fostering transformation in the way people learn, think and act - to access their innate wisdom and unique gifts and maximize their impact in the world.

We focus on turning your leadership team goals into sustainable action and lasting results, as well as developing 'collaborative wisdom' practices for effective action and interface among teams.


We work with your leaders and their teams to:

  • Develop sound and cohesive approaches to crafting a meaningful vision that engages people's minds and hearts

  • Create a resilient strategy that is 'landmine-proof' and people fully support

  • Build meaningful, productive relationships with diverse stakeholders 


The tools in our 'treasure chest' expand self-awareness and personal mastery in relationships and team engagement, for maximum leadership impact, and initiate "out-of-the-box" thinking to generate desired growth in your organization.We integrate the latest research in systems thinking, strategy, neuroscience and organizational development.

We help you tap into the true needs of your organization - for growth and a thriving future,  and partner with you until you make this future a sustainable, vibrant reality!


Learn more about our programs for:


"We cannot solve problems by using
the same kind of thinking we used
when we created them."

–  Albert Einstein

All programs offered by the Center for Executive Leadership are tailored to your organization's specific needs and goals. We are not the experts in your business –  you are.  We base our programs, training and coaching engagements on the goals your organization wants to achieve. We help you gain clarity on the end results that are truly meaningful to you and have a huge positive impact on your people.These goals form the practice field for the work and ensure tangible, relevant outcomes.


Contact us to discuss what we can do for you.

Executive Development

How does your organization identify and cultivate executive "bench strength"? 

Is your culture and history keeping your organization from realizing its potential and achieving its goals?

Is  your executive team ready to lead urgent and important changes across the organization?


We work with executives at all stages of their careers to take leadership performance to the next level.  Individual programs include transition support for new executives and specific coaching for those in chief officer positions.


Our programs help your team lead change, inspire organizations, engage stakeholders, deliver results, and ultimately become part of your organization's culture. ​Through visioning and strategizing, we help break through limiting paradigms and take an organization's performance to the next level.

Medical Staff Leadership Development

How do you know when your medical staff leaders are truly effective? 

Where do your leaders focus their energy?


Effective medical staff leadership requires clinical, procedural, and governance expertise and a facilitative approach that serves a diverse body of stakeholders based on collaboration with administrative executives.


Authentic leaders, whether physician, administrator, or board member, consistently demonstrate the core values that promote:


  • Shared welfare and aligned goals

  • Multi-dimensional thinking and flexibility

  • Inter-disiplinary inclusion

  • High degrees of self-awareness and awareness of others

  • Courage of personal conviction

Collaborative Leadership 

How do your leaders establish common ground and successfully engage others?


How well do they anticipate the impact – both intended and unintended – of their plans and actions
on diverse stakeholders with widely varying needs?


Medical staff and administrative leadership come from different academic and professional preparation. Common ground may be found in pursuing high quality patient care and safety.


Our programs work with your leaders to teach methodologies and skills for successful collaboration as they pursue real-world results.

High Performing Teams

How  well do your leaders understand the impact of their thoughts, words and actions on others?


Does  your organization anticipate the unintended consequences of key strategies and actions?


Our cross-functional team programs can help your team to remove artificial barries and increase collaboration and trust by developing a shared vision, goals and criteria for success – starting at the top.

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